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New Draft Mural Ordinance for Los Angeles Released

It’s been a long hard fight, and finally a new day is dawning for public Art in Los Angeles. Please review this PDF document and prepare for public comment and community workshops which will be advertised here and on our Twitter…The first of many meetings will be held at Self Help Graphics tonight at 6pm. They are located at 1300 E. 1st. St. Los Angeles, CA. 90033


Kudos to everyone involved in this process. Too many people to name specifically, but you know who you are!

Nomadé for LA Freewalls Project- Hat Trick!

This latest artwork is called “LA Times”.

The LA based street-art sensation, Nomadé is holding it down at the LA Freewalls… Keeping up their spot with the freshness; this latest mural is their third for the project. Hat Trick!

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Nomadé for LA Freewalls Project- Hat Trick! 1 February, 2011 (14:17) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda This latest artwork is called “LA Times”. The LA based street-art sensation, Nomadé is holding it down at the LA Freewalls… Keeping up their spot with the freshness; this latest mural is their third for the project. Hat Trick! Read more » Tags: LA Freewalls, LA Freewalls Project, New Puppy Gallery, Nomadé, Sniffing Glue, street art | No comments KID ZOOM FOR LA FREEWALLS PROJECT- DTLA 28 January, 2011 (19:15) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda Ron English introduced me to this young Australian dude about a year ago; incredibly talented; ambitious, smart, hard-working. Yeah, let’s get him up on the Freewalls, He’s the new “Rembrandt of Graffiti”, Ron says… Well, the artwork speaks for itself. After a quick collaboration with London’s own INSA, Ian “KID ZOOM” Strange threw this wall together with impressive ease… Read more » Tags: Chris Brown, KID ZOOM, LA Freewalls, LA Freewalls Project | No comments INSA in San Francisco for “MORE” at Fifty24SF Gallery. 28 January, 2011 (18:00) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda Since putting up a handful of bad-ass pieces here in the artist’s district in LA, INSA has made his way up the coast to put up a ground-breaking new show at Fifty24SF Gallery. I don’t use the term “groundbreaking” lightly… The new pieces are really slick; taking his Graffiti Fetish concept to new levels.Go to this show to see it for yourself. He also threw up the SF incarnation of his ubiquitous “Heels Walls” on Oak and Scott in the Lower Haight. Loving the global potentials of chromatic expression… Tags: Fifty24SF, Insa, SanFrancisco, street art | No comments New “Graffiti Fetish Mural” by INSA for LA Freewalls Projects 27 January, 2011 (16:55) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda INSA is renowned for his incredibly detailed photo-realistic aerosol paintings, and he just couldn’t leave LA without flexing his artistic muscles a little more. Have you ever seen such a lovely pair of minty-fresh…? Graffiti Fetish- Do you lust for the Woman or the paint covering her? You decide… Read more » Tags: graffiti, Insa, LA Freewalls, Los Angeles, street art | 6 comments INSA- New “Heels Mural” for LA Freewalls Project

When I heard that INSA would be on the West Coast for his upcoming show at Fifty24SF, I decided to invite the artist to downtown LA to put up some work for the LA Freewalls Project. When INSA asked for the dirtiest wall in the neighborhood, I came back to him with this 70 footer; DTLA’s nastiest of the nasty, The Play-Pen. You know they mean business when “totally nude” is their only slogan… It’s actually not that bad, they do have their own water.


INSA has a habit of leaving these “Heels Walls” behind in each city that he visits around the world. This mural couldn’t have found a better wall here in LA.

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Dabs/Myla and Craola at the LA Freewalls Project

Dabs Myla and Greg “Craola” Simkins just painted a new collaborative mural together in Downtown Los Angeles. The piece was created as part of the LA Freewalls Project, curated by Daniel Lahoda. As expected, both Dabs Myla and Craola are talented figurative painters, and are able to translate that to outdoor murals seemlessly as they’ve done for decades.

Here is what Dabs Myla said about the piece:

For a while now we have been talking with Greg about trying out a character wall where we used spray paint..but also tried out adding acrylic paint and brush work.
Myself and Greg are from a pretty similar era in Graffiti, both starting in the early to mid 90’s.(Greg maybe a little earlier!)
And even though Greg is from LA and we where in Melbourne, there was definately the same vibe that Graffiti writers dont use brushes!
It was always viewed as bad form, so its something that none of us have ever really tried.
But its a new millenium now…and rules dont apply!
It was really great to take a lot of elements that the 3 of us would use in graffiti with spray paint..but then balance that out with the elements that we all use in our paintings with brushes.

ROA x LA Freewalls Project: Perfume Skunk

This one was just perfect how it worked out:  I go over to pick up ROA and as we’re driving to the spot I ask him; “What do you feel like painting.”  “I was thinking about a Skunk.”  He says. Not one to deny an artist his creative freedom, I add, “I’ve got a little transparent yellow left in the extinguisher.”  Done and Done.  The fact that this was on a wholesale perfume distributor was the perfect punchline… They LOVED it, and admitted it would probably help bring some more business. Their number is on the sign so you can call and order your perfume and cologne. Support the businesses that support street art!

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ROA Paints “Awesome Possum” for The LA Freewalls Project

We’ve already jokingly dubbed this new street-painting by Belgian Street Artist, ROA, as “Awesome Possum”. ROA is known around the world for his unmistakable style and content of his work.  ROA paints animals. Live ones, Dead ones, baby ones, lady ones, manly ones, scary ones, friendly ones, lots and lots of animals on walls all around the world. We are honored to host the artist as the latest international flavor for the LA Freewalls Project.  Roa joins Shepard Fairey, Saber, D*Face, Ron English, Herakut, Deedee Cheriel, Dabs/Myla and many others as part of the downtown walls of this long term project…

ROA is in town for his pop-up show at New Puppy Gallery in downtown LA; presented by Thinkspace Gallery… The opening is November 13th, and it is going to be unbelievably good. Over the next few weeks, ROA is transforming the gallery into his own animalistic wonderland. A “Zoo” of sorts, if you will…In addition, we have other outdoor opportunities for the Belgian painter…